Tired from Recalling Passwords?

Microsoft to Replace Passwords with “App Authentication”.

Password(s) are a disaster for the brain to memorize and to recall in certain situations. Giant tech companied are aware of this issue as much as they are aware of users suffering from it.

Revealed today by BI news is a solution proposed by Microsoft. The American tech company uncovered a solution by introducing an app that will take care of passwords. Briefly saying, users won’t have to memorize their long difficult password to login into their accounts. Instead, they will rely on Microsoft Authenticator. The user installs the app, login to his or her account’s username, receives notification on his phone, and finally tabs to approve.

password app manager
Image from Microsoft via Business Insider.

However, to avoid any case in which you will have to remember passwords, watch after your phone so you don’t lose it.

Passwords are real burdens for users especially those having more than an account. Moreover, users tend to create “Strong Passwords” to keep hackers far from guessing them and stealing their accounts. Furthermore, cautious users create different passwords to their personal accounts so that if one account gets hacked the other accounts remain safe.

Tech giants are working to develop more techniques to relax users from the pain of memorizing their passwords.

Concluding, users must always have their eyes open. Use a unique strong password (one with letters, numbers, dots, etc.) for each account and store them with a password-manager app.



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