For Tech-Enthusiasts!

GoPro yesterday introduced new tech product “Fusion”, the 360 degrees camera.

Image of Fusion from GoPro

On their website, GoPro described new tech product as used for VR, non-VR, and photos. Moreover, the company is launching a pilot program in summer. On the other hand, the company is planning only a limited commercial release this year. More info.

Facebook will end Smartphone Era.

Image from Facebook F8.

The giant tech company revealed in their F8 Conference a new progress to invent technology that seems close to a science fiction. And Day 2 of the conference uncovered that Facebook is investing in time and resources to accomplish its new objectives: “Making Brains Type and the Skin Hear”. More info.

Elon Musk’s Dream is to reach Brain-Computer Interaction

Image of Elon Musk from

“If I were to communicate a concept to you, you would

essentially engage in consensual telepathy,” Musk said in an

interview with ‘Wait But Why’ website published on Thursday. More info.