Earn Money With Twitch!

Twitch Making A New Move!

Twitch announced recently the beginning of its new “Affiliate Program”. This program will offer non-partners the opportunity to earn money.

The platform owned by Amazon has 17,000 partners. These partners appear on a frequent basis for  performing live for their fans. According to sources from the web it is somehow complicated to achieve partnership as a broadcaster.


“Twitch Partnership Program” is still the premium position. The company introduced a “Verified Chat Badge”. This badge is only referred to their “partners” to indicate them special.

So How can you Qualify to “Affiliate Program”?

To qualify for “Twitch’s Affiliate Program”, the user must have performed 500 minutes of live streaming in the last 30 days. Moreover, the user must have 50 followers. Besides that, there’s no application process. So emails will arrive to the specific users from the company inviting them to the new program.

In yesterday’s article, SciVenue compared briefly live video apps. Twitch stands number one app for video game enthusiasts. The fact that many users rely on it as a source of living makes the app special.

However, the Affiliate program is a new option for broadcasters with low number of followers to share some of the company’s earnings. This new approach will render all live broadcasters to increase their effort; therefore gain higher ranks. Performers must keep in mind to broadcast several times a week in a consistent basis. This platform is a stage to perform live, to make your followers engage with you. The talented users are responsible to make themselves worth watching so that they grow up their community of fans.

Although being the major in the realm of video games, Twitch also includes some other talents. Examples include some chefs, musicians, and other live performing artists. But what makes it different than YouTube? It is the fact that the latter consists of general videos. While this is the case, Twitch is much narrow in terms of videos. The app focuses mainly on live video games and competitions.