Flying With Uber!

Uber from Ground to Air

Uber announced on Tuesday the plan to a setup a new program. The tech company is investing its efforts to extend its services to include flying cars. The company will not be creating the flying cars but will partner with aircraft and aviation companies. A network of flying cars will be available by 2020 in Dubai and Dallas after both cities established a partnership with the tech company.

However, news from company appeared after an announcement on Monday that Airbus – French Aviation Giant – is planning the development of its flying taxis. Electric vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL)  look more like a drone than a car. It runs on electric propulsion, therefore, reducing the cost and noise of helicopters.

uber flying car 6
Proposed Flying Car Process on Smartphone. Image via CNN.

Why is Uber taking this approach?

The tech company seems worried from the fact that other competitors might be working on the same project. Therefore, to protect their business and keep updated with its customers, Uber is obliged to schedule a new trace. It can be briefly understood from the expression of Uber chief product officer Jeff Holden published on CNN website “If you’re not planting the seeds for 5-10 years out, you have no company in five to 10 years”.

However, Uber’s approach will have a great impact as to everyday life. Nevertheless, cities with hefty traffic will almost appreciate the service. Such a service of taxis flying in space gives a clue to a huge leap in the realm of taxi services. Flying cars will take part in daily life.

The tech company will confront some obstacles before having this service eligible – Safety. The company has to prove the safety of the new service before allowing it to take place.


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