Dan Brown’s New Novel “Origin”

Origin to be published soon!

Many modern readers who are interested in thrillers, codes, science, religion, history, and architecture turn to Dan Brown’s novels. The author of Inferno, Da Vinci Code, The Lost Symbol, Angels & Demons is now back with his new book Origin. According to The Guardian, publishers say that Brown’s new novel is about another story carrying his “traditional style” involving Dr. Robert Langdon, the Harvard “Symbologist”, in a new adventure decrypting codes aided with a character or more to solve a global mystery.

Langdon’s Role

In all Brown’s novels, except for Deception Point, there appears Dr. Langdon. Langdon played a major role to investigate and connect clues together by using his broad knowledge of ancient symbols. In “Inferno”, he is present to prevent the release of a virus created by Zobrist, who is a genius scientist. Zobrist is annoyed by the danger overpopulation will cause. The virus if released will cause a sterility in one third of the population. Inferno consists of small chapter same as all Brown’s novels. Brown’s attractive style can keep your eyes open at night completing more than 20 pages before you sleep. I recall the time after reading Inferno by some months, I was on a plane traveling to KSA for work, when I watched Inferno’s movie on-board. But my advice is to read the book. Books are much more interesting.

“Inferno” (top), “The Da Vinci Code” (bottom-left) and “Angels & Demons” (bottom-right). Image via cinema online

Furthermore, Langdon plays the same role in the other novels but he copes with different situations. In “The Lost Symbol”, Langdon appears to be a friend of Peter Solomon, a billionaire and a 33 degree mason. The kidnapping of Peter triggers Langdon’s feelings toward his friend which makes him work hard to find the Mason’s Pyramid and the Lost Word. The Lost Word is a sacred book. Freemasons buried the book in order to hide from the public until the right time comes for it to appear.

What will the new novel bring?

Everyone who read Dan Brown’s 6 novels will have complete idea in his head about what might the new book contain. As a reader and a fan of Brown, I can sense the plot that Origin will contain. I may be wrong about imagining what the main topic is about. But I am sure I have a clear idea about the kind of content I will be reading when the new novel reaches my hands. And of course all who read Dan Brown’s works will have the same design in their imagination. But let’s leave our predictions until the release of Origin. I know many of us are waiting on fire to read this next thriller. But let’s be patient and take our time to imagine what kind of story it will include.

Ahmad Kouta,