Can We Become Immortal?

Have you ever thought of becoming “Eternal”?

Although aging-combat might seem strange to talk about at first sight, but you will indeed find scientists who research it. Indeed this is not a movie about “Vampires”, rather it is real science that is talking. SENS Research Foundation (SRF) is an organization specialized in researching for medicines that cure age-related diseases. Moreover, development achieved in fields of genetic editing, robotics, and artificial intelligence triggered the feeling to accomplish such a target.

As all of us know, scientists found medicine to diagnose and prevent diseases. So is it able to cure all diseases? The brief answer so far is “No”. Will it be able to? Now here we reach the argument! If you start asking people outside to give you an answer, majority will say no. Despite the apparent perspective, there occurs a minority including physicians and scientists that, not only agrees with it, but also working to reach that goal.

Let’s take a closer look at aging:

Dr. Aubrey de Grey, Co-Founder and CSO of SRF, describes aging as a disease similar to malaria. He clarifies in a TED-Talk the fact that aging kills people therefore it is a disease that we must cure. However, he complains about small budgets funding the understanding of aging. In describing the process of age-curing, he presents in a slideshow that “metabolism” being the complex network that keeps us alive eventually causes “Pathology” which is the vast complex system that kills us. He continues to state that metabolism function must be rebuilt in order to stop the damage and this is difficult. Metabolism, he insists, is the standard operation of the human body is not well understood by biologists. Therefore we are still unable to slow down the rate of metabolism causing damage to our bodies.


But approaching the issue from another perspective might as well bring some advantages.

On the road from metabolism to pathology occurs damage. If we interfere at this stage where damage is still in a curable level, we enter into the maintenance level. At this level and specifically the “sub-pathological” we can be able to remove damage. Dr. Grey is optimistic about implementing this approach in the next few decade.

We may all agree that the human body is a complicated machine as Dr. Grey tells us. But is it comparable with a car for example? He claims that a car first born to live ten years let’s say is nowadays designed to live hundred years. Why? Because the inventors of cars applied maintenance on it. This is exactly valid in a human body in order to extend his life.

The most surprising come next. It is the fact that since the 1980s till this day you are reading this article, the categories of diseases are the same without any addition. And by listing those types, Dr. Grey seems confident to apply maintenance in these circumstances.

But How Can We Apply Maintenance?

The categories listed by Dr. Grey are the following:

Screen Shot from Dr. Grey’s Slides

The methods of maintenance applicable to use on those diseases are the following:

  • “Replace” the material (cell)
  • Sometimes to “Remove” the material
  • “Repair” the material
  • Or “Reinforcement” of the material

My Opinion based on Science:

To be honest, I feel there are no sufficient scientific evidences proving that any human being can reach eternity. As a mechanical engineer I studied Thermodynamics. The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics is clear to the public. “The level of disorder in the universe is steadily increasing. Systems tend to move from ordered behavior to more random behavior”.

For an in-depth interpretation, I can help you grasp the idea. Any work we do requires energy. But I shall introduce you to a new variable which only increases and never decreases. This factor is the “entropy” which is the measure of disorder in a system. And by measuring entropy change we can in no way return a negative number. It is a bit complicated and I will not make my article bigger. So I want you to put in mind the following: Energy can fully be converted (not increased nor decreased). But the “Quality” of this energy is always decreasing.

Think of it that way: quality of energy is decreasing therefore any material aging with time will experience this loss in quality which renders it not to function as a new or younger one. Therefore, quality of humans are lessening by age. Unfortunately, you will never experience the freshness of youth when you’ll become 80 whatever surgery implements to your body. And then death approaches us as soon as energy experiences extreme loss in quality.


Advanced research over medicine and diagnosis techniques can in fact lead to the extension of human life. Moreover, there are many examples of people living 120 years and there might be examples of others living more that we don’t know about. Finally, it’s a lengthy discussion which doesn’t end unless we stop arguing. Furthermore, Dr. Grey says that there are now many people and donators convinced by the idea of combating aging and the fact that we will reach it at soon in the future.