Devil’s Triangle

Bermuda’s Secrets!

What’s the Scientific Explication?

Since 1492, when Christopher Columbus reported strange lights and compass readings, up till 2015 when SS El Faro ship sank, secrets and mysteries still surround Bermuda Triangle.

What’s happening within this part of the earth? And why are most of the incidents occurring in this section of the North Atlantic?

Many stories and myths encircle the issue. Conspiracy Theorists are also on the list of explainers analyzing the mystery. UFO, piracy, or non-existence are among their favorable interpretations.

Similar to any other news reaching out to the public, what makes SciVenue different is the scientific approach its professional team carries out to analyze any riddle and give a brief scientific and reasonable reading.

So let’s not list the disasters in this part of the earth because the internet is full of them on many websites. Let’s just find a scientific interpretation of why such mysteries do occur?

Diffraction of Heat Waves?

According to a paper published in 1995 in Renewable Energy Journal by Ernest C. Njau, diffraction of heat waves are the causes of mysteries occurring in Bermuda Triangle. Heat waves which are moving Eastward along the Earth’s surface encounter a line of physical barriers formed by the Rocky and Andes range of mountains that can reach a maximum height of 3000 to 4000 meters between latitudes 40 degrees south and 55 degrees north.

These mountain chains are continuous except for a slight gap. This gap is between Mexico and Columbia whose mountains hardly exceeds 600 meters of height. Therefore, the heat waves are incident obliquely on this single slit barrier when traveling through the American Continent. And thus, they form a single slit “heat diffraction patterns” inside and around the Bermuda Triangle. Then, these diffracted heat patterns are the real cause behind the fierce weather and ocean patterns leading to disasters in this area.

Last Word

So far, Bermuda’s Triangle continues to appear as a riddle. Let’s admit that the above explanation concerning heat waves is a definite and possible option about what’s causing the disasters to occur at this particular spot on Earth. But up till today, no official announcement proclaiming a particular interpretation to be the correct one. Therefore, the issue at hands remains open to all options including those counted as unscientific.

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