7 Ways To Boost Your Brain Power!

What Strategies should you follow to Boost Your Brain Power?

This article will inspire those looking for techniques to boost their brain activity. Lots of academics nowadays in addition to lecturers and researchers are complaining from the fact of getting fatigued before finishing their work completely. This issue I can tell you is spread today between people more than anytime in the past. Despite the fact that the food we consume plays a major role, it is not only dependent on food. Many other factors emerge as contributors to exhaustion. But let’s not dive deeply in the following subject, rather let’s focus on the steps everyone should take in order to bring the best out of their brain.

Choose the right Food:


Before just listing what kind of food to consume, I would like to insist emphasis on what food you must avoid. Junk food in any shape is the major cause of the stress preventing you to concentrate well. Equip yourself with the proper will in order to avoid any kind of junk food. Junk food contributes lots of calories but only adds a tiny amount nutritional value. When you start by a fast food meal for example, you will not feel your stomach full rapidly. This fact leads you to overeating.

Rely on fresh fruits and vegetables instead of cookies and chips. Avoid cheese puffs, candy bars, and snack cakes. You might feel satisfied the time you eat some of these, but I promise you it s only a short time of relax and then you will feel puff and get exhausted. Rely on foods such as the following: blueberries, tomatoes, oily fish, whole grains, broccoli, pumpkin seeds, and nuts. Choose your selection of food to contain magnesium. Magnesium is a mineral linked to improvements in short- and long-term memory.


Get Enough Sleep:

Make sure to sleep well at night.

If you do not get sufficient sleep, you are weakening your brain and memory. Thinking along with memory are tied to getting enough sleep. If you are a university student, sleeping for 7 to 8 hours at night is a must. Although it seems difficult to a certain limit because nowadays most students stack piles of study materials until 1 or 2 days before the exam. Well, as I said above, your will is your key to everything. Having enough sleep at night turns to be better than studying till the morning. You will remember better and thus boost your memory.


Get used to Exercise:


Always keep this in mind: your brain health is interconnected with your physical health. Sports improve your mood and boost your concentration levels. Moreover, sports makes you more happy by reducing depression and stress. It also have positive impact on your sleep. Yes. Sports help you sleep well and avoid any negative thoughts. Therefore you will be relaxing mentally and improving your cognitive and memory power. It will also help you maintain your weight and grants you self-confidence.

If you think physical exercise is a waste of time, then you are totally wrong. Stay physically fit and you’ll become highly satisfied with your brain function and scientific results. This doesn’t mean that you must exercise everyday. You can manage your time to exercising twice or 3 times a week. And do not exhaust yourself by sports. Remember your goal is to stay physically fit to maintain strong mental capabilities. Choose the kind of sports you like. Swimming is a good option. Swimming will have all your body muscles functioning. More sports may include jogging, weight-lifting, or aerobics.


Try Meditating & Relaxing:


Deep relaxation and meditation have a great impact on both brain and body. It helps shut down the release of stress chemicals into the bloodstream by confronting and reducing some of the effects of these chemicals. The stress chemicals cause muscles to tense up. By consciously deciding to relax, you counteract the stress chemicals. Relaxation techniques will help improve your sleep and digestion. And for the third time I tell you: Equip yourself with will. Yes you must always be ready to implement your well in order to maintain your healthy brain and body. Take the decision to relax when you start meditation exercising. Think of the positive things in life. Take everything at ease and prevent yourself from being overstressed. Relaxation techniques include: yoga, deep breathing, tai chi, and self-massage.



Spend some time in Nature:

Walking in Nature

If you already spent time in nature, so you already have its benefits. Surrounding yourself with green has lots of positive influence to your mind and body. Nature has fresher air and calmer space. To me, I like to mix up nature along with meditation and sports. Combining those activities together can bring you back to life a newly refreshed person. Remember that you’re a part of Mother Nature and you both share many characteristics. And almost all studies agree on the fact that nature is the most suitable place for a person to throw away life pressures and refill the mind with positive energy.



Build Social Connections:

Studying in Groups

Throughout my academic journey from kindergarten till college graduation, I realized how important are social connections. I encountered students of different lifestyles and built a formula in my head based on the examples I came through all these years. Scholars tending to be more social are the ones which acquire worthy brain capacities. Social students tend to be much active than lonely ones. Moreover, socially involved students have a much better idea about life than those who prefer to be on their own. Their behavior at home, school, college, or any other place is exactly the standard way of behavior any person must have. Social relationships build a determined mind with the ability to choose the right decision when interacting with people.

Lonely students tend to act in a really strange way and almost take wrong decisions. Their minds lack major aspects they never been exposed to in life and can never be gained by theory. Having social connections can build the proper personality structure thus leading to improve your brain power and make it highly firm and smart. Examples regarding social activities can take many shapes: group work, studying together, know new people, trips with colleagues and friends, exercising as groups at gym, volunteering, and many other activities involving associations.

Do some Brainy Games:


There are plenty of games that sharpens your memory and focus. Why not be a fan of at least one of these games to boost your brain performance. One of these games is chess, which requires brain activity in order to plan the next move. Another one is Sudoku, which can be found in almost all newspapers. Sudoku, is one of the most popular puzzles which you must fill 9×9 grid with numbers so that all rows, columns, and 3×3 squares contain all integers from 1 and 9. Sudoku is a very good choice to boost your concentration along with your brain power. Other games can be tray games (for memory), or you can try strategy video games like “Clash of Clans” or “Boom Beach”.




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