Who Requires a Fidget Spinner?

Fidget Spinner: An Emerging Toy in Market:

This week’s trending product has been the fidget spinner. What is this object? And what are its benefits? Does this tiny thing involve any risk? And if so, what are these risks?

What is this product about and what is it made from:

A fidget spinner is a small price object smaller than your palm and resembles a ceiling fan. It spins around a bearing located at its center and contains a weight on each of its terminating ends. It can be made from a collection of materials including plastics, brass, stainless steel, copper, and titanium.

How does fidget spinners function?

A fidget spinner works by pressing your thumb and index fingers on the bearing then spinning one of its ends by your other hand. Although being risky, many YouTube videos are available which show tricks done by a fidget spinner.

Who needs a Fidget Spinner?

This week, press reports from several news stations put significant focus on this little toy. They indicated that fidget spinners are not just toys for children to have fun with, but also for adults suffering from anxiety disorders – ADHD, autism, hyperactivity. But experts are divided about this fact. What this little object does, is functioning as a stress relieving toy for children, university students, and others who feel the need to release their nervousness. Moreover, students stressed by their exams, are buying fidget spinners believing to calms them down.

The science behind whirling a fidget spinner is the feeling you sense by the spinning forces rippling in your hands when twisting the object back and forth. I was curious to discover what effect this thing has so I bought one for only 5 dollars. I can assure you that a fidget spinner can turn you addictive to it by its fabulous whirl.


  • It’s cheap so that anyone can buy it.
  • Manages Anxiety Disorders – ADHD, autism, etc.
  • There are also claims of an increase in focus and concentration.
  • Stress relief for students and workers.
  • It’s an alternative to e-games.


  • Schools banning the product reported that it’s a distracting toy.
  • Can be dangerous when performing some tricks.
  • Risk of swallowing and choking by little kids.
  • Dangers of injury may occur when rotating near your face


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