Robot Colony Over Human Race?

Will Robots Colonize Human Race?

That is not one of the sci-fi movies or any of the thrillers you see on television. Rather, this is a scientific article investigating the reality of such idea – robots ruling humans. I want you just to notice how technology has been developing smarter. And it is still! If you draw a line to look through time, you will get an exponential graph of how smart technology has been growing up.

Let’s go back to the first computer ever invented – Abacus. In Ancient Babylonia, the abacus was used for simple mathematical calculations and painless counting. Later on, humans needed smarter inventions to turn a much-complicated calculation simple. Imagination had never been absent from the human mind. That can be easily proved by looking into Leonardo Da Vinci’s drawings depicting flying machines and robots.

Discoveries of formulas and theories generated through the course of history required equivalent inventions to tolerate their output. Although counting was okay with an abacus, derivatives and integrals were not! But let’s not list a timeline of inventions since you can google a lot on the internet. Rather, let’s get directly to our point.

Machine Comparison with the Past

Ask yourself how much a storage disk has become larger? And how much a processor has become advanced? Then how a cell phone comprises a significant part of our lives nowadays? I remember once when I was a little kid at school, this poor little floppy disk of only a 1.5 MB storage. But today I can see this great 1 TB external storage drive. And anytime soon all our information are somewhere in the infinite cloud storage. Moreover, I remember this cute little cell phone that had a Snake game that once took our time striving to score higher. But today I look around and see everyone’s eyes on their powerful smartphones messaging, chatting, competing, studying, and doing a lot more.

How do Machines resemble Humans?

Some people look around and feel this is the peak of technology. But others see the opposite and feel the day has come close where a robot colony will lead the human race. Just think about it! A person comes to this world and has an average of 70 years alive. When sick, a doctor prescribes specific drugs for him to recover. During his life, he learns through many factors: mistakes, experiences, parent’s expertise and advice, and many other situations.

A Robot Is Much Similar To A Human Being!

Nope! They are much more advanced! Computers today surpass human beings. They resemble people in many aspects. Why not? They get infected and recover by specific diagnoses like an antivirus. Robots also learn instructions much better than us. They save much larger files than we do in a closet. They search for options and records much faster than we do. Integrating computers with mechanical parts, we then have a robot. A brilliant robot!

So far, robots are controlled by people. But soon, they will learn how to take over themselves. Yes! With Artificial Intelligence (AI) advancing, we have come much closer to reaching these smart robot. Today they are still under control. People turn them on, activate them remotely, apply maintenance when needed. But the scary situation is when the day comes some time in the future where these baby robots learn how to take care of themselves. They will understand instructions better.

Furthermore, robots will be able to maintain themselves – Does not a computer know when to run a scan for itself? The same will be true for these robots. They will know when to recharge and will be doing it on their own – same as your battery notification on your phone or tablet. Thus, a device integrated with mechanical parts, therefore, making up the robot will not only be notified of battery loss, but they will also go and recharge themselves.

Last Word:

We are on our way to reaching a smarter age with much more sophisticated and more intelligent machines occupying our everyday life. Of course, tech-enthusiasts are smelling such a thing. The news is reaching our screens telling us about self-driven cars and drones with much-advanced options. Maybe soon, wars might be fought by robot phalanxes instead of human troops. No one knows! Maybe we will have robot physicians arranging appointments on behalf of human patients. And perhaps in the near future, these robots will communicate with each other and build their own communities thus detaching from human control and competing with them. And therefore, robots might colonize human race when they are ready and well prepared for it. Isn’t this a possible future?


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