8 Jobs Will be Taken Away From Humans

What Jobs Will People Lose To Robots?

With Artificial Intelligence being developed in a very high rate, many people will be experiencing the risk of loosing their jobs to robots in the future. Before breaking into the endangered jobs list, Machine Learning taught me to see through history in order to conclude the shape of the future. So I will give an example of an job type which became extinct because of technology. This job is “storytelling”. A century ago, a storyteller used to attend a coffee shop in a village and tells stories to entertain people sitting down having their hot drinks. After inventing the TV, this job had vanished.

Our previous article introduced us to the possibility of a robot colony in the future. However, today’s article will focus on endangered human jobs.

Today, we’re in the digital age, and many jobs are being automated. But what kind of jobs might robots take over?

Car Driving

Several companies are manufacturing and testing driverless cars. Google, one of these companies, once announced that its driverless vehicles were tested on 1M mile without any incident occurring. More players include Ford, Tesla, Uber, Volvo, Apple, and Diamler.


I think you’ve watched some videos on YouTube of robot chefs preparing food. And this technology is never far away from coming. Why would it be impossible to have something as a programmed menu? A kitchen full of robotic hands is not a sci-fi anymore. Moley Robotics is a startup that created a prototype of a robotic arm that’s able to handle kitchen work like grabbing utensils and learning recipes.

Police Officers

The Spanish company PAL Robotics designed a robot police officer for Dubai. Moreover, Dubai is planning to have 25% of its police force composed of robots. The plan is to have a smart police station in Dubai which requires no human employees.


Robots will be replacing doctors in the future. Robots will be able to diagnose patients more accurately than a human practitioner. The Telegraph wrote about a startup implementing a chatbot that patients can consult instead of a human practitioner. On the other hand, WIRED went much far by proposing that robots will replace human surgeons by implementing virtual and augmented reality. Thus, using these 2 technologies, a human doctor will be able to virtually operate in a surgery room from his home.

Garbage Collectors

Unfortunately, robots will be taking over the job of a poor garbage collectors. Today I read some headlines from an IEEE email I received as a result of subscription. News are that Volvo will be adding some autonomy to garbage trucks allowing them to act as autonomous garbage collectors.


NASA along with General Motors produced Robonaut2, a robot equipped with sensors and five fingered hands similar to human. This robot’s objectives are doing menial jobs including cleaning of the space station and to assist human astronauts in space operations. However, Robonaut2 might include extended features in the future such as performing scientific works and experiments.


Robot rescuers is an amazing option for the future. Any human paramedic might experience dangerous situations. Therefore, such risky circumstances will be handled by robots to keep human lives safe.


A Japanese retailer in year 2008, introduced a colored robot at a store. However, the robot’s job is for entertainment. Thus, the robot is used to babysit kids while their parents shop.


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