At What Limit Will Technology Stop?

Has Technology reached its Peak?

Every decade, people say there are no more things to invent! But also every decade we become impressed by the new inventions trending in market. The phone market for example started by a little cellphone having nothing more than a calling option and a snake game. And now where are cellphones? Cellphones are everywhere with lots of options and are called smartphones. They became smart enough to do many jobs people are unable to do even with the most brilliant mind. But one might be curious to ask: To what level will technology keep on advancing? Isn’t there a limit to such patents? Didn’t we reach the peak of discoveries?

An answer to this is no simple! To answer such a question you should look into every new technology update. Moreover, you must be an everyday analyst who attempts to look into every new app, feature, research, and even live every update.

Of course you might hear dumb answers like one that says “what’s more for a smartphone? Will a new one include an oven?” But let’s go back 15 years ago and look around us, hadn’t such questions took place? Yes but maybe in another shape. People might had asked: “What will a new cellphone include? Will it contain a radar?”

There Are No Limits!

My answer to such a question is that there are no limits; at least for now! With Artificial Intelligence (AI) advancing rapidly and robots taking over many human tasks, how could technology have reached its maximum? With new diseases spreading every couple of years, the need for research is more demanding than anytime in the past. Every upcoming generation, will drive the needs for new solutions and modern forms of it. Not only there will be new researches, but there will occur modern techniques of approach to the problem.

Another aspect is our environment? Pollution of all kinds gives rise to the environmental problems which are up till today not completely solved. Using technology to find green solutions is trending these days. And it’ll be much more demanded in the near future. Technology will be used to monitor human involvement and find ways to limit greenhouse emissions. Humans along with smart technologies will be cooperating to find solutions to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and open the way for a shift to carbon-free technologies in the near future.

“Space Explorations” are another aspect which proves humanity hasn’t reached technological peak. With billions of dollars being spent annually on researches and development of advanced spaceships and UAVs that are capable of reaching as far as possible in an endeavor to find if life on other planets.

Wrapping Up!

Improvement is a must for any institution to stay leading in its field. Any university, state, company, or other establishment needs research and development (R&D) sector to follow on with the world development. Firms that manufacture technological products or those who rely on technology products are the ones most responsible for bringing out something new to maintain their remarkable position. Speed is also a major factor. Any competing industry is indeed in a race with its competitors for improvement and development. Keep in mind that firms with frozen research are killing themselves slowly.

Ahmad Kouta

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