MBot Tutorial

 Mbot Assembly Tutorial:

Watch this video of mbot avoiding walls with the use of ultrasonic sensor. However, the tutorial is a simple one. And it contains pictures for every step. So enjoy your time!

This tutorial shows you briefly how to assemble and function an Mbot. Mbot is a mobile robot for beginners who desire to learn electronics, robotics, and programming. Moreover, programming language used for mbot is Arduino. However, you can learn more about this language on the following link.

Warning: Mbot kit includes small parts. So keep away from children.

Most of the components to use for this tutorial are found in the Mbot kit purchased. And, the components can be seen in the above photo and include:

  • 1x Mcore
  • 1x Bluetooth/2.4G module.
  • 4x Brass Stud M4x25
  • 1x Chassis
  • 4x AA batteries
  • 1x roller ball
  • 1x AA battery holder
  • 2x 6P6C RJ25 Cable
  • 1x screw diver
  • 1x hex allen key
  • 4x screw M3x25
  • 4x M3 nuts
  • 8x screw M4x8
  • 1x usb cable
  • 2 motors (right & left)
  •  1x Me line follower
  • 2x screw M2.2×9
  • 2x Wheels
  • 1x Me Ultrasonic Sensor


Step 1:

Fig. 1

Now, start by placing the motors in the Chassis as shown in figure 1.


Step 2:

Fig. 2

Then, pick the wheels and assemble them to the motors as shown in figure 3. Use the screw diver in order to attach the screw M2.2×9 into the wheels.

Then, your mbot should look as figure 3.



Fig. 3


Step 3:

Fig. 4


Then, pick the roller ball and the Me Line Follower and assemble them as shown in Fig. 4.

Then, Use the Hex Allen key to join the two parts by 2 screw M4x8.



Step 4:



And now, mount those 2 parts on the Chassis in the following way as shown in fig. 5.


Step 5:


Then, take the Ultrasonic Sensor to mount it on the chassis as in Fig.7.

Then, use the Hex Allen key to insert screws M4x8 to attach the sensor to the chassis.


Step 6:



Then, insert the brass stud and mount the Velcro as shown in Fig.8.




Step 7:


After sticking the Velcro on the Chassis, mount the Battery holder on it.



Step 8:


Now use the screws (M4x8) to mount the controller (Mcore) to the chassis by screwing it into the brass stud.


Step 9:

Fig. 10


Next, connect the ultrasonic to the mcore at port number 3 by the RJ25 Cable.


Step 10:




Then by using another RJ25 cable, connect the Me Line Follower to the Mcore at port number 2.




Step 11:



Now, as shown in fig 12:

Connect motors to M1 and M2 to the mcore. Then plug in the battery holder. And, Turn on the switch and enjoy driving your mbot.


Step 12:

Next, using the remote control available in the kit, you can control the mbot manually by pressing A and then controlling it right, left, forward, or

Fig. 13

backwards. And, by pressing B the robot will move and will use the ultrasonic sensor to avoid colliding with the walls. While, by pressing C the mbot will follow a black and white path.

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