Why Programming is a Must These Days?

Schools Should Start Introducing Programming to Students

Programming is today’s primary language. Suppose you travel to a country to see a different culture. The most important thing to do is to communicate with people there. How?

Of course by the language they speak!

It is the same regarding computers. Today, computers, mobiles, gadgets, and other electronic devices are everywhere. These devices has their specific software built by a programming language implemented by its manufacturers. Also, apps installed to your mobile are built by a specific programming language. Moreover, Internet of Things (IOT), Robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) cannot be mentioned without programming languages.

So why wait till graduating from school to learn such stuff. In order to keep going along with today’s rising technological rate is to learn some programming skills. Schools must be responsible for the matter. Thus, schools must detach from its traditional way of teaching and introduce new courses that will keep their students up to date with the evolving world.

Python, C, MATLAB, and many other computer languages are of great benefit to school students.

Introducing courses such as Robotics can help prepare the student for a world full of practical applications. Robotics as a part of IOT requires children to stick to the right skills needed to program the robot for actuating and moving it.

Another possible implementation can be a supplement to some classes such as mathematics and physics. Implementing programming skills to both classes will help children code formulas to give them suitable outputs which are difficult to solve by hand or in a rapid way.

Ignoring coding skills is a risk for the educators’ minds. This will keep them far behind the realm of advancement. Furthermore, students lacking necessary coding skills will appear to have big troubles when attending college or career life.

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