Installing Raspbian or NOOBS on a Raspberry Pi (Micro)SD Card using Windows

If the SD card with your Raspberry Pi does not have an OS, don’t worry. It’s easy to install the Raspberry Pi OS with Etcher. Also, this teaches you a new skill for how to install the operating system on your SD-Card whenever certain problems occur while working on your project.

Getting Ready:

Any type of SD-Card can be used. A minimum size of 8GB is highly recommended. Check the Raspberry Pi link for more information about SD-Cards.

SD-card physical size depends on what type of Raspberry Pi you are using. I have a Raspberry Pi B+ type so I will be using a micro-SD Card.

  • Eject the micro-SD from your Raspberry Pi and insert it into a micro-SD Adapter.

    pi os
    On the left is the SD-Card Adapter I use. And on the right is my micro-SD.
  • Now insert the SD Adapter into your laptop. (Your laptop must have an SD-Card Slot.)

    pi os
    After you insert micro-SD into the Adapter, find the SD-slot in your laptop and insert the adapter into it.
  • Format your micro-SD-Card. You must refer to the type of SD card you have and format it according to it standard. Check the SD-Card website in order to choose your method of formatting.

    pi os
    Since my micro-SD is SDHC standard and in the range of 2-32GB, I’ll use FAT32, default file system for Windows.
  • Then download Etcher and install it to your computer.
    • Note that Etcher is the simplest option. For more advanced option use WIN32DISKIMAGER .
  • Now go to the official page of Raspberry Pi and download one of the images available:
    • You may want to use NOOBS which is an easy installer for Raspberry pi beginners.
    • Another option is to download the official supported operating system Raspbian. (This one is the option I chose.)
  • Since you are using Etcher, you do not need to unzip the file with the image you downloaded to your computer.

Now, you got both Etcher software installed and Raspberry pi image downloaded to your computer, you can directly start the process of writing the image to your SD-Card.

Installing Raspberry Pi OS to you SD-Card:

The following photos will make the process easy for you. Just follow instructions:

  • Open Etcher software installed on your pc.
  • Select image (.zip) downloaded on your computer (NOOBS or Raspbian).
  • Then, Select the SD-Card Drive in the “Select drive” space.
  • Now click “Flash” to start the process.

pi os

Wait while the Raspberry Pi OS is being installed.

pi os

Wait while the process ends validating.

pi os

Congratulations! You installed the Raspberry Pi Operating System on your SD-Card.

pi os

Now simply eject the SD-Card from your pc or laptop and insert it into the Raspberry Pi and start having fun doing many cool projects.

Hope you enjoyed our tutorial! And thank you!

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  1. Bonzadog says:

    The fastest and best way is to use the pibakery programme at
    This sets up a SD card with Debian Jessie OS, plus WiFi set up and setting
    RPi preferences. A really useful tool that saves a lot of time.
    At the moment it only set up Lessie and Jessie lite