A New Particle Discovered at CERN!

A New Discovery Announced Might Help Understand What formed Our Universe.

Scientists at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) this week announced their discovery of a new particle dubbed  Xicc++. This discovered particle is a baryon. And a baryon is a subatomic particle consisting of quarks. The most familiar baryons known by the public are protons and neutrons. However, this baryon differs from others since it includes 2 charm quarks and one up quark. Moreover, scientists observed Xicc++ at an energy of 13 TeV and its mass is 3621 MeV. That’s four times heavier than a proton.

Nevertheless, Xicc++ was predicted before. But scientists never observed it experimentally until the last experiment performed at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). It is an unstable particle which exists only for a fraction of a second before decaying into lighter particles.

What is the LHC?

LHC is a particle accelerator built by CERN. This ring-shaped accelerator is located in a 27 km tunnel beneath the French-Swiss border. The role of the LHC is to smash protons together at approximately the speed of light and then analyze the nature of the particle resulted in that collision. According to scientists, this helps them discover the building blocks of the universe and what matter formed it. Moreover, the LHC is famous for observing the Higgs Boson, a particle that gives mass to other particles.

What does the newly discovered particle mean to physicists?

Concerning the new observed particle, the new spokesperson of the LHCb collaboration Giovanni Passaleva says: “Finding a doubly heavy-quark baryon is of great interest as it will provide a unique tool to further probe quantum chromodynamics, the theory that describes the strong interaction, one of the four fundamental forces. He also adds that Such particles will thus help us improve the predictive power of our theories.” – source.

Moreover, the former spokesman of the collaboration, Guy Wikinson says: In contrast to other baryons, in which the three quarks perform an elaborate dance around each other, a doubly heavy baryon is expected to act like a planetary system, where the two heavy quarks play the role of heavy stars orbiting one around the other, with the lighter quark orbiting around this binary system.” – source.

How LHC discoveries contribute to Science?

The purpose from the LHC is to understand the Universe: What was it like at the time of the Big Bang. More aims are to analyze results to uncover mysteries about the possibility of the existence of other universes, dark matter, String Theory, monopole magnets, new subatomic particles, supersymmetry, and many other hidden facts that contribute to the explanation of life and how it came to exist.

Featured Image for the article is from CERN.

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  1. Nicholas Mustelin says:

    Congratulations CERN Team on your new discovery! I’m following your progress with great enthusiasm and wish you fortune and success in all your future endeavors.

  2. Joslin H. Carpentet says:

    This is a deeper extrapolation of my “universal/ quantum multi big bang entanglement theory ” which will include not only the already widley accepted string theory as a contributing factor but , also the following. :
    1. GRAVITY : is pressure from our own universe ,yes gravity itself from the mass of the universe is definitely being applied to black holes in our universe and in other entangled universes beyond our farthest observable distances , therefore gravity as well must be playing a similar role there.This gravity pressure both from the mass of our universe and the black holes itself ,is forced into and possibly beyond 11 dimensions in the fabric of time and hyperspace . This is where string theory comes into play with its vast complex array of harmonic frequencies, the different pressures applied to the strings throughout the 11 dimensions( possibly more ) creates all the particles needed for the next universe creation . I believe the most basic particles fitting under the Higgs Boson are created at , or next to the center of the singularity itself at the bottom of the 11 ,possibly + hyperspace time dimensions . Black holes are the last , as well as the first objects in a dying and reborn universe . Yes , both stages of universal life and death have black holes as their source of death and eventual rebirth, the Alpha and the Omega, a repetitive cycle , infinity if you will , the effect influences the cause and the cause influences the effect.As time is also squeezed into a narrower hyperspace frequency a paradox in time and hyperspace is created and the cycle repeats.
    2. ELECTROMAGNETISM : acts as the containment field for the hydrogen and helium 3 being pushed towards a central gravity point of a black hole .
    Again , this super-massive black hole creates a magnetic field which acts as a containment field for the gases being pushed towards it because of its mass.
    The gases and dust collect around the event horizon of the last remaining super-massive black hole of the last big bang . the gasses accumulate to a point of Electrical discharge and if enough material has coalesced and the black hole penetrated deep enough in the 11 + dimensions then another big bang takes place but only with help of the next force..
    3. STRONG NUCLEAR FORCE: is also referred to as the “strong force” and it is another of the four basic forces in nature as well . The others being gravity, the electromagnetic force, as well as , the weak nuclear force.
    This force is directly responsible for the ignition of the black hole into the big bang it is basically fusion on steroids, the mass of the explosion is so huge it collapses the black hole immediately and within a split second the precious cargo of particles created in the black hole from the , vast complex array of harmonic frequencies ( String Theory ) . Wala’ a universe is born ,
    4. WEAK NUCLEAR FORCE : this force may actually be responsible for the initial fusion chain reaction at the event horizon , as the reaction deepens inside the black hole the closer to the singularity it gets , the more the strong nuclear force takes over.. If the weak force were not to exist, many types of matter would become much more stable. Elements like plutonium and uranium could be handled without protection. Without the weak force, the sun would cease to exist. The weak force allows the fusion of protons and neutrons to form deuterium. The excess energy from this fusion is the source of heat from the sun , our star.
    Rinse and repeat , and here we are…. a universe that has been recycled in this way since infinity and beyond, and as other entangled universes go through the same process , our piece of the pie remains relatively stable… and all other entangled universes as well as ours benefit .

  3. Haddaoui Abdeljawed says:

    Bonjours ! Avant le big bang qui est le deuxième d’après moi , l’univers s’est composé des quarks libres formant des trous noirs et des doublons de quarks autour des trous! Si vous voulez une explication je peux vous expliquer et répondre à toutes vos questions et toutes les expériences et les nouvelles particules qu’ils fabriquent sont réellement des mauvaises manipulations laboratoires! Ils cherche un chaton d’une femelle chien et un mâle lapin! Pffff