Could Online Colleges Replace Traditional?

Online Colleges and Degrees

Online colleges and degrees are a giant leap for education in the digital age. Today, the internet is everywhere with more than 2 billion people online and are increasing every day. Thus online colleges and degrees are getting more and more recognition worldwide. But could an online college replace the traditional one? And are online degrees getting closer to accreditation same as traditional degrees?

Actually, everything around us is getting automated, and it looks possible that education could take an online shape for the following reasons:

Online Lecturing:

Online lecturing is more comfortable than personal presence at class. This thing allows lecturers to broadcast live while students are listening to them with both the teacher and the student sitting in their rooms. Online tools are also available which can replace traditional blackboards and chalks. A lecturer can display his course easily with the ability to write, mark, or erase any item shown online. Moreover, no noise will appear through online lecturing as such in traditional classes. And students can ask questions when the teacher allows them access to do so.

Virtual Reality (VR):

VR is a new emerging technology in the market that enables 3D vision by using special eyeglasses. VR will carry you from your current situation into totally another world where you virtually become part of it. How can this help online colleges and degrees? Simply, by allowing you to attend new locations from your room. Your lecturer might use VR to place you in a lab and show you real life experiments.

Augmented Reality (AR):

AR, on the other hand, keeps you in the same position but adds more options that inform you about objects around you. So being physically present in class or not is the same since you can access real world objects and learn more about them. It’s beneficial because some lab materials are expensive for a student to buy and might be prone to wear and damage.

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