Quantum Supercomputer

A Quantum Supercomputer Soon?

Quantum Supercomputer – A quantum computer (or a quantum supercomputer) is one that is million times more powerful than traditional computers we have today. A quantum computer relies on the principles of quantum mechanics, a physics branch that deals with the most fundamental part of the physical world. At this elementary level of Physics, complexity rules the scene and particles function in a strange way being in two states simultaneously.


Classic computers are today’s computers. They encode information in binary form: bits. These bits only take one shape, either a “0” or “1”. Quantum computers, on the other hand, make use of the strange role of particles at the quantum level. Thus, encode information in qubits. Qubits differ from regular bits by the ability to operate in both “1” and “0” states simultaneously. It’s called superposition. Superposition is one of the key principles of quantum physics.

That somehow sounds strange at first sight. But imagine tossing a coin which is either one of the two possible outcomes, a head or a tail. Classical computer works in the same manner: either “1” or “0” for each bit. On the contrary, imagine the same coin tossed in the air before falling, and you want to measure its outcome. At this state, the outcome is said to be head, tail, or both at the same time. This is how a qubit functions. It is similar to a coin in the air. The qubit will have two states until you measure it. Once you implement a measurement to the qubit, it will directly get one of the two possibilities either a “0” or a “1”.

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That’s not all. Another key principle of which applies to quantum computing is “entanglement”. Entanglement is the fact that one particle is related to other particles. And this is only correct in quantum theory and not in the classical world. Therefore the states of qubits are correlated and measuring one qubit gives you information about the state of the other one. And this law gives quantum computers its superiority in storing and processing enormous amounts of information.

Capabilities of Quantum Computers

Quantum computers can solve complex problems with extremely high speeds. It is impossible to achieve such speeds by conventional computing, not even by the fastest and most advanced. Regarding medical research, it allows scientists to perform complex simulations of human genomes with drug models to get the most appropriate outcome. That can lead to finding cures for previously incurable diseases. Moreover, quantum computers will be able to drive out the most suitable results of investments in the financial field. It will also allow for a high level of optimization in logistics and supply chains.

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