How Wars will be waged in AI age?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is altering every aspect of our life. It is turning every machine we see around us into a human-like model which can learn from experiments and then make future decisions of its independence of any human aid.

However, a complex issue of much concern is the shape of warfare in the future when AI ultimately deploys.

Yesterday, Popular Mechanics reported that Kalashnikov would manufacture an AI-powered robot with “shoot” or “no-shoot” decision. At the same time, many other military companies are on the same track.

Throughout history, every invented weapon produced its battlefield strategies. In time immemorial, swords compelled straight face to face confrontation. After many years, gunpowder allowed the production of guns and canons, i.e., demanded to fight from far distances between two armies. Later, and after the industrial revolution, an arms race appeared and drove the whole world into two destructive world wars in which tanks, jets, navy, and nuclear weapons took over the scene. And every new military invention established for war carried much more losses in souls than any previous weapon.

What Shape will Warfare have in AI Era?

So what strategies will AI military age carry? How dangerous will a robot fighter accomplish its objectives? Are individual officers capable of staying in control over intelligent machines? And are these smart machine soldiers able to learn enough to distinguish a civilian from a warrior?

Prediction of the future takes many shapes. People are divided towards this issue. Those optimistic see warfare future within high precision machines learned and equipped with digital sensors, facial, and sound recognition systems that help identify their target. While on the other hand, many observe that autonomous weapons must not be allowed in any ways. This group of people reckons that AI will bring chaos into the ground and may result in another arms race that will bring disastrous consequences to our planet.

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