Cancer and Treatment with Gold Metal

Cancer and Treatment with Gold

Cancer and treatment so far are the primary concern of medical researchers since the early 19th century. However, with lots of equipment available through hospitals and medical centers, scientists have been able to do the effort to contribute to the treatment of cancer. But with every leap forward, there remain unsolved aspects related to this complex disease.

Our bodies consist of cells. And these cells grow, divide to produce new cells and finally they die. However, cancer originates when a cell grows in an uncontrollable state which may lead to the formation of a tumor. If the tumor is cancerous, it will spread to other body parts. Or it might be benign in which it will not spread.

Cancer is of several types: lung, prostate, breast, and many others. Although many methods are applicable to diagnose cancer, the main one is a biopsy which is the removal of a small amount of tissue for a microscopic test. Then the doctors suggest a treatment according to what suits the human age, health, and other factors.

However, a new research at the University of Edinburgh came out this week with a new discovery related to gold. Scientists observed new properties of gold which can allow a promised cure. The researchers claimed that gold might appear useful to safely insert drug into the tumor.

But this experiment is only a first step. But scientists and researchers are putting lots of efforts in order to indicate the safety of the process on human beings. They wish is to reach a device to implant in the body so that chemotherapy activates directly into the tumors without having harmful effects on the healthy organs.

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