Quantum Cloud Computing

Quantum Cloud Computing Service

Quantum cloud computing is a new service that grants the public to feel the quantum computing experience. However, quantum computers are still in their early stages. Moreover, they will not be present on our desks in the coming months or maybe years. For that reason, tech-giant IBM is offering a new service where people can get their hands on the quantum experience from their normal classical computers.

IBM Q is the company’s branch responsible for building a universal quantum computer. The plan is to make this service available on the cloud. Thus, developers and researchers who are working to solve complex problems related to science and business can access the service. Solutions to these complex problems such as molecular structures and logistic experience are impossible to achieve on a classical computer. And this is the case for problems that appear to get exponentially weird.

In the beginning, IBM used a system of 5 qubits which had not reflected the real power of a quantum computer. However, users performed 300,000 experiment using the 5-qubit system. But later, the company made advancements by adding quantum bits to reach 16 and 17 qubits. And this contribution will allow the public to feel the difference between their computers and the quantum one. Furthermore, IBM is planning to increase qubits to reach more than 50 qubits.

But for now, curious people who like to sense the quantum experience can request beta access to the Software Development Kit (SDK) on Github. Or they can use the IBM Q Experience composer online. And this is not the end! It’s just the beginning of a new era which will one day wipe out our classical computers and replace them with such superior quantum computers.

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