What Benefit does the Theory of Everything have?

What Will a Quantum Gravity Phenomenology Benefit Humanity?

Quantum Gravity Phenomenology or the Theory of Everything (TOE) is the theory in which all laws of physics unite to form one single formula. This united equation is the Theory of Everything (TOE). TOE must include the Grand Unified Theory (GUT) along with the force of gravity. However, the GUT is the unification of the three forces described by the Standard Model.

Many years of research and physicists still stand out of the scope of the TOE. To reach it, a huge obstacle confronts scientists. This barrier is combining the two theories of “General Relativity” and “Quantum Mechanics”. Albert Einstein spent the rest of his life unsuccessfully attempting to reach this theory.

However, let’s say that physicists have discovered the TOE. What advantages will such a theory have on human applications?

GUT, if discovered, will offer a broad range of technological possibilities and challenges:

Free Energy Converter: This is a prototype of 15 volts and 700 watts energy converter that uses magnets and functions by converting dark matter into electricity.

Non-Stoppable Buses: This suggested prototype considers positioning coils on buses and magnets on crossroad underpasses. Thus enabling current generation and storage into batteries installed into the bus to keep them running continuously.

Special Alloys: These alloys are exclusive for building foundations and act as concrete reinforcement resistant to melting when impacted by high-intensity seismic waves as an earthquake erupts.



It seems we are still far away from reaching TOE. But we can never deny the tremendous efforts being done to achieve the theory. Thanks to theoretical physicists who are still chasing the TOE to achieve the correct outcome that will unite the laws of physics and allow many inventions.