Perform Complex Computations Before You Buy A Quantum Computer!

Quantum Cloud Based Computing

Cloud based computing nowadays, dominates over personal storage devices. Nowadays, quantum computers are still under excessive research. And so far, their hardware is expensive which enables only giant tech companies to purchase them for the purpose of testing and implementation. But there is a pathway for the public into the quantum world through quantum servers on the cloud.

Although quantum cloud computing service is offered online, most people are arguing about the privacy and the security when performing their operations. Therefore, if a user with a classical computer wants to use a quantum computer on the server to accomplish a complex computational task, how can the user ensure his operation is secured?

From this point, “Blind Quantum Computing” rises. This idea behind it is to ensure high-level security while the quantum computer server is performing the user’s computations. This means that the cloud based computing server is blind towards the user’s work.

Physicists experimented blind computing successfully but only with certain conditions: the user must prepare and measure the qubit states. However, by eliminating such requirements, the user or client will be able to simply submit his job to the cloud to perform his computations without the need to carry out any quantum tasks.

Moreover, blind computing works in the following manner:

  1. The client outsources his task to 2 servers to accomplish it.
  2. Each server completes a part of the computation.
  3. Each server is not aware of the other’s process.

Scientist performed a blind computing experiment successfully. But they are now working to make it much more robust. And therefore the service will be available in the future as cloud based computing for clients.

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