Artificial Intelligence Age Is Almost Here!

The Whole World Is About To Enter The Artificial Intelligence Age

Artificial Intelligence age is rapidly approaching us more than any time in the past. Soon, we’ll find ourselves surrounded by devices that resemble humans in their activities. In fact, the mentioned devices will function equivalent to the human brain. Neurons functioning in the human brain have inspired scientists researching AI to implement Artificial Neural Networks.

Today, if you google AI applications, you’ll face a screen crammed with lots of websites and videos exhibiting examples that once have been only in dreams. Take for the instance, a robot chef that learns recipes and cooks more precisely than a human chef. However, manufacturers say this robot will be introduced commercially in the market for people to purchase. Moreover, human chefs have the right to worry about their jobs in the future.

Nevertheless, this is only one example. But there are much more AI applications under research for future release into the market. Customer service, for example, is now managed by chatbots that can never be distinguished from a human. Also, speech, face, and handwriting recognition are rapidly advancing and will soon be covering wide range applications.

Every day passing, AI devices are learning more and thus getting more intelligent. There is no doubt that many people will lose their jobs to robots. However, many experts fear that a day will come where robots will rule the human race.

It may seem a bit crazy to talk about a robot colony these days. But feeding robots with enormous amounts of information makes it possible to reach such a state. And, high competition running between tech giants is playing a huge role triggering their efforts to dominate the AI market.

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