The Artificially Intelligent Robot Painter

Artificially Intelligent Painting

“Artificially Intelligent Painting” is a new approach that can alter the painting industry. Actually, this is a bad news for painters who might feel their jobs are at risk. However, they are not alone since there is nothing left that robots are unable to do.

A robot artist seems another breakthrough in the realm of artificial intelligence. Kuka Robotics is ahead of the advance. The company shows a robot drawing pictures and writing words using a pen. However, people may underestimate this issue for the fact that robots involved in manufacturing. Although manufacturing is of high value, one cannot disregard how precise and accurate robots are getting in painting.

However, the artificially intelligent painting is not restricted to robots. Computers are now able to output virtual pictures based on images fed by the user. This is what a researcher at Stanford University achieved in an experiment with Intel. He built an AI program with algorithm able to give you a representation of a fictional street that resembles one in the real world based on 3000 street images saved in the computer memory.

On the other hand, winners in the Robot Art Competition exhibited great work using robots implementing AI to draw pictures. Indeed, one of the winners – winning the first place – from Colombia University in the USA presented his program PIX18. However, this program aims to build robots and software that are capable of using canvas and oil to paint pictures that resemble the real world.

Artificial Intelligence is advancing rapidly. And who knows? Maybe one day will come in which we rely on robots in everything we do. Aren’t we relying on our smartphones today where we haven’t done in the past?

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