How Artificial Intelligence differs from Automation

Artificial Intelligence vs Automation

Artificial Intelligence vs Automation” – Every time I go deep into conversation with some people talking about new technologies, I realize the conflict they got between both terms. Many understand AI is automation and vice versa, an idea which is wrong. Automation and AI are entirely different things.


It is the process of executing instructions by a machine or a robot to do work without thinking or analyzing data. The word is derived from the Greek language: “Auto” meaning self and “Matos” meaning moving. A great example lies in firefighting; When a heat detector senses temperature higher than a certain input limit, it gives a signal to sprinklers to flow water. Moreover, automation is found today in many major manufacturing industries, such as cars, planes, food, etc. It is a repetitive process which relies on sensors, actuators, electronics (for signaling) to perform certain tasks that reduce human labor, time, and cost.

Artificial Intelligence

On the other hand, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a system which learns through experience how to act. Thus, resembling a human brain in the fields of learning, thinking, and problem-solving. Manufacturers implement AI systems robots, machines, computers, smartphones, etc.

A great example is text-recognition. Didn’t you notice when texting with your phone how word predictions appear based on what you most probably type? However, neuroscientists still don’t have a complete understanding of how the human brain works. But along with computer scientists, they are striving to find a way for machines to mimic the natural brain function to a maximum level.

As a conclusion, “automation” has to do with obeying orders, while “AI” has to do with thinking and decision making.

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