Can Robots Reach Consciousness and Rule Humanity?

We are on the doors of a new age where integration of Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience is under intensive research so that one day AI robots reach consciousness. Today, robots are implemented everywhere in industry, increasing manufacturing speeds, processes, and cutting off more jobs.

In a previous article, I shed light on the possibility that robots might rule the human race and control the world. Experts describe this period as the last phase of AI, the super intelligent stage, where humanity lives under robot authority. But for robots to reach such a state, they require consciousness. And here comes a question of concern.

Can AI Robots Reach Consciousness?

There’s no doubt that AI robots and machines are much more clever than humans regarding computations, speed, and ability to get involved in harsh environments. When we teach robots/machines instructions to perform, then we say they got automated. But when we supply them with AI systems, then they become capable of learning from examples and choosing the best decision based on what they learned. And the more they learn, the more they rise in intelligence. But however smart robots become, are they becoming conscious?

In my opinion, I don’t think so. The fact that human beings learn only through their brains is an incomplete one. People also learn by heart. They express emotions that rise from their “souls”. On the other hand, machines indeed are getting intelligent and much more than humans are. But in fact, they have nothing related to sensation however sophisticated the tasks they accomplish.

Emotions and Feelings

Emotions and feelings present a significant part of the human being’s formation. And feelings vary from one person to another. Thus, the actions they perform to complete a task depends on the level of their will. And the kind of job they choose depends on several factors like health, strength, IQ level, etc. A human being, however solid and sturdy, still possesses feelings which robots and machines, from my viewpoint, can never acquire. Scientists can input numbers, codes, and experience to increase a computer’s intelligence, but can never insert a soul and imagination into them. From how I see it, the fact that AI robots will reach consciousness is something from fiction. However, many people disagree, including scientists and entrepreneurs that I can safely say with extreme confidence that they know about the field far more than I do. Still, the logic of machines acquiring emotions and feelings is something that I cannot see happening.

Back in school time, we learned that computers are dumb machines. But this statement is now something from the past and is no more correct. Computers, robots, and machines are today in the smart phase. Can you imagine anyone without a smartphone?


Soon, machines and devices will enter intelligence phase – most probably began – where they will be capable of performing incredible tasks that will stun the human mind. But all their actions lack the greatest gifts humanity is granted: Soul, emotions, and consciousness.

But another question of concern arise: What if I were wrong? What if those intelligent machines/robots some day reach consciousness and rule humanity? How can human beings survive under an emotionless, strict, super creative power? Doesn’t this seem scary?

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