Everything We Know About The Planck Era!

The Planck Epoch – or The Planck Era – is the time period ranging from the emergence of the Big Bang (t=0 sec) till Planck’s time (t=10-43 sec). It is named after the German physicist Max Planck. In this extremely tiny period, all the laws of physics related to our life break down.

Scientists so far, have not succeeded to know what happened within this duration after the big bang. Although the LHC collider at CERN has succeeded in bringing significant observational results like the Higgs Boson, it has never been able to find anything to describe the Planck Epoch. The reason behind this is that any scientific experiment occurs on a timescale much longer than the order of Planck’s time.

In order to know what really happened during the Plack Epoch, physicists have to reach the unification of the 2 most popular theories: General Relativity (physics of large scales) and Quantum Mechanics (physics of small scales).

However, let’s focus on what we know about Planck Era, even though the information is little.

The Planck Epoch

The size of the universe within this duration was too small that it didn’t exceed the size of an atom. The universe started growing after the Big Bang. Therefore, such a tiny period of time is not sufficient to allow a universe of a large-scale to exist.

Another known reality is the huge amount of temperature, pressure, and density that prevailed. The temperature during Planck Era exceeded a decillion (1033) Kelvin and the pressure was quintillions (1018)of times the pressure of a swimming pool.

The light had not existed in the Planck Era because fundamental particles were unable to combine under such temperature and pressure. Thus no electrons orbiting the nucleus. In other words, there was no such thing as an atom.

And the mystery continues. Anything occurs under Planck’s time is out of the scope of the human knowledge. Therefore research continues in an attempt to reach a clear vision of what happened during this period.

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  1. Abdel says:

    The main questions which concerns me what was the temperature at the time? and what was the amount of gravity which managed to keep the universe at that assumed size at such temperature????????????????????