How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Various Fields?

AI Technology Contributions to Space Science

AI technology contributions will have touch on Space Science. NASA is doing lots of research with private companies to make advances in the extraterrestrial field. Nervana is one of the projects that aims to enhance the maps’ resolution of the moon. This project will help lunar rovers avoid craters on the moon when looking for water at the moon’s poles where it’s difficult to distinguish shadows from craters.

AI Technology in Self-Driving Cars

Drive.ai is a company which is using deep learning to transform past experiences into better decisions regarding driverless cars. Such decisions include: deriving correct behavior at four-way stops, and when turning right on a red light. Moreover, the company is trying to find solutions that adapt with driving in bad weather. However, this requires collecting lots of data with high quality and human experience to avoid mistakes.

AI Systems for Ethical Mediator Robots

AI Robot Mediator is a research performed at Georgia Tech. The project shows the capability of robots to act as ethical mediators between patients and caregivers. However, this project will be an advantage for patients with Parkinson disease as they have trouble with their movement which interferes with understanding emotions. Researchers introduce a robot for not reaching a misunderstanding in human-human interactions. The robot’s role is to intervene after it senses inappropriate behavior between the caregiver and the patient.

AI Contributions To Music Composition

Another project at Georgia Tech, this time with the robot Shimon. This robot composes its music after learning more than 5000 songs and analyzing how they are composed. Moreover, Shimon uses deep learning and neural networks to make up its piece of music based on what it has learned and analyzed.

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