Artificial Intelligence Will Pass 3 Stages

Artificial Intelligence Stages are what scientists insist the AI technology will pass through. Although researchers consider three steps, it seems the beginning stage will have a long duration.

Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI)

ANI is the weak AI stage. And it represents the era we’re living. However, ANI is everywhere around us with many people not recognizing it. Face recognition, speech recognition, Google Search, Google Translate, and other mobile applications all represent ANI systems. A definition well describing ANI is an AI system smarter than human beings only in 1 task.

Predicted Artificial Intelligence Stages

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

This stage is the Strong AI. Machines and systems in this phase act based on a human-level intelligence. Unlike other artificial intelligence steps, AI systems can perform any task that a human being can perform. Thus, instead of limiting itself to only one function (weak AI), it will be able to carry out many tasks at this stage. Scientists are currently working to take AI from its vulnerable stage into the general one. But they admit this is not an easy job. Entering AGI phase requires machines must carry human intellectuality and smartness.

Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI)

ASI is the last stage of the 3 Artificial Intelligence states machines and systems will reach. We’ll not claim it’s the end or even the limit. But at least we should admit it’s the farthest phase our imagination has reached. Besides, in this stage robots and machines are in the conscious state. Moreover, a device in this juncture will precede human intelligence to hold wisdom, intellect, and consciousness. And many people argue this phase will not arrive. They build this on the fact that human brains are the ultimate thing that whatever complexity machines carry, will not be able to mimic the human brain. But whatever the arguments, this phase is still so far away to even discuss.

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