What are the Risks of the Next AI Phase?

In the previous article, we shed light on the next stage of AI, without considering the “Artificial General Intelligence Risks” which this article discusses. In order not to confuse the reader, the terms “Strong AI,” Second AI Phase,” or “AGI” all point to the same concept: Intelligence approximately equivalent to human intelligence.

While we’re still far from reaching AGI, many reasons are at hand to believe they are coming. The most significant reason is the intensive research accompanied with great achievements in the brain science. However, what risks can occur with the new stable phase of AI?

Artificial General Intelligence Risks


Technological Singularity

This hypothesis suggests that the world will reach a point in time where human-like machines will start succeeding the human intelligence. What matters when such a phase arrives, is the ability that such machines will be able to develop their code. Thus, will be able to take proper decisions, make accurate predictions, and improve their internal system.

Scientists assume AGI will be a turning point in history. One cannot foresee how such machines will behave in this period. What attitude will they have towards human race? Will they like us or hate us? We can’t know! But everything we know is they will be independent of people and much smarter. Computer scientist Ray Kurzweil predicts singularity will occur in 2045.


This term means attributing human traits to inhuman creatures. And it is only found in science fiction movies where robots smile to people or gaze at them, thus creating emotions. But some experts are sure machines will reach this phenomenon and become conscious and aware of their environment. Christof Koch, chief scientific officer of the Allen Institute for Brain Science in Seattle, claims consciousness is a property of matter. If we organize matter in the right way, we can build it.

However, if we reach anthropomorphism period, machines will have human-like traits. But many questions are on the rise: What kind of relationship will occur between both races -humans, and robots? What are the consequences of having a new emotional creature next to the human race? And what ethics will prevail?

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  1. Diadon Acs says:

    It really depends on what we teach our creation doesnt it? It certainly will help us understand our responibility of a creature which has the ability to heavily influence energy. Exciting times to be living in!