Strong Artificial Intelligence Is Not Far Away!

Living with human-like robots or even talking about Strong AI now, seems strange. But the most influential people are taking AI advances seriously. Moreover, the need for new AI rules and regulations are more necessary than any time before.

Every year passes, and humanity heads toward more advanced technology devices. But let’s just compare two situations, one in the past and another from the future.

Suppose you’re living in the 1600s. Most probably you’ll be using your horse or paying a horse carriage to carry you to work on time. And that’s true only if you work for someone else. Most peoples’ job had been on their farms. An alarm clock won’t be ringing like in today’s case. But a knocker which is paid by the village inhabitants will be doing the work.

People before the industrial revolution depended on nature. They managed their time relying on the position of the sun, which also made things difficult in rainy and cloudy days. More educated people used water clocks or sand clocks. But those only worked as timers and not time indicators.

The news was not something for all people. No radios, TVs, or any other electronics. Everything was learned through local newspapers. And not all people had been concerned about politics. Even interested people received news that wasn’t so fresh as a consequence of difficult communications.

You Can Smell Strong AI Now

Today everything changed. Not only rich and popular figures have smart devices. Smartphones and digital devices are in the hands of almost all people on the planet. So why won’t we agree that robots and Strong AI will dominate the future? It might seem somehow strange to talk about such a vision today. But wasn’t that the case of smartphones before and during the industrial revolution?

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