Could We See A Robot Scientist In The Future?

Robot scientists could be on the way to entering our lives. But before discussing this issue, let’s define what a scientist is.

What is a “Scientist”?

A scientist is an expert in the science field or topic he studied and worked on for years. And examples are everywhere from Democritus till Peter Higgs. But what makes a person a scientist is learning, thinking, and analyzing. And thus, he acquires the skills needed to become famous and notable in his field.

However, artificial intelligence is becoming more advanced. And so are the AI machines and systems. AI equipment today are extending the frontiers of the smart age. Today, we have speech, face, and voice recognition which are also learning and becoming much more capable of identifying units.

But is that all?

Albert Einstein once said that imagination is much more important than knowlege. So the question is: Can we provide imagination to a robot?

Can we provide imagination to a robot and allow robot scientists to emerge?

The next phase of AI is “Artificial General Intelligence” or (AGI) in which human-like robots take place. To reach that stage, we need to insert consciousness into a robot. And this is not an easy job.

Neuroscientists and computer scientists must cooperate to reach this goal. Thus, the most important thing to figure out is how the brain functions. And that’s so far a mystery for neuroscientists. However, we cannot assure that such a target is easy to achieve. That’s if it is achievable at all!

The question remains open. And so far, robot scientists are still something far away to reach. Consciousness, imagination, and analytical thinking must be acquired by the robot to become human-like and after then become a scientist.

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