How Artificially Conscious Robots Interact with Human Beings?

Artificial Intelligence has grown so wide today that the revolution of AI has created a massive change in the technology, applications, and “human-robot interaction”! The machine learning systems evolved to bring up the consciousness in the machines. AI has done with the creation of robots and the machine learning makes the robots powerful and conscious! AI has become very advanced today that the robots have started interacting with the human beings by the so-called “Human-Robot Interaction”.

And with AI, the conscious robots can now actively interact with the human beings if we teach them to become the mind readers. Obviously, this would be the potential in creating conscious robots that can interact with human beings. There are many different ways and algorithms we have today in teaching the robots. This makes them skilled and extremely powerful. With the machine learning, it is possible now to create computer-based artefacts which can behave like humans. The human robots which are the artefacts can easily know what the human beings do and think. Scientists train robots to interact with humans with the gesture movements and body orientation. The robots have become autonomous and their movements have been familiarized with the word of humans.

Humans and robots. share work The robots can do the jobs so faster than human’s since they are autonomous and technologically advanced. The jobs done by the robots are efficient and they can handle even jobs which the humans cannot! The robots are precise as well as intelligent which makes them capable for that. The energy levels of robots are high that they can do the jobs with perfection.

Human-Robot Interaction

You may really want to know how human-robot interaction takes place. Here are some of the ways in which the robots interact with humans:

  • Robots can interact with humans even if separated in space. This does not require the human and robots to be co-located. This type of communication is ‘remote interaction’.
  • The robots and humans communicate in the same locality which is known to be ‘proximate interaction’. This requires both humans and robots to be co-located. In proximate interaction, the robot acts as an assistant to the human involving the physical interactions.
  • Social interactions between humans and robots are also interesting. The robots are learning more with dynamically changing environments and social skills
  • Robots can perform a great role in car production. They can perform lots of tasks and reduce the manufacturing costs to a great extent. This could not only save the money but also can lessen the works done by humans. Automotive industries make use of robots for various purposes. The robot interacts with humans to make the works done easier and quicker.
  • Surgical robots are also available today! The surgical robots contain lots of instruments for surgery attached. Humans direct these robots from a computer by moving and controlling them. As the human directs, the robots act as a surgeon performing the surgery on the human body. Surgical robots have become tremendously increased today and they can do the surgeries in the best way offering many benefits.

And there’s more:
  • Robots play a leading role in duct cleaning. The robots can efficiently clean the ducts assisting humans without exposing the humans into any hazardous environment containing dangerous chemicals. Thus manufacturers can incorporate secure cleaning that allows no human intervention in any areas including hospitals. The robots can easily take up this challenge protecting human and able to assist them.
  • Robots are the best to explore the underwater world. Scientists have a good companion for exploring the world of ocean. Robots could assist the human by diving more under the water than a human could! Robots can examine the marine life and get a closer look. The robots with the cameras, wheels, and the sensors to explore the underwater ocean and to gather the data.
  • For crime purposes, police control robots remotely. More briefly, robots are capable of searching criminals efficiently without putting the lives of police officers into danger. Furthermore, they are equipped with lighting particularly infrared, and the cameras. This can help them out to search for criminals at any location climbing stairs and flipping it. They are also able to shoot off the weapons. These robots can effectively interact and communicate with the police officers and help them to catch criminals.

Robots are companions:

On the other hand, manufacturers design robots today in such a way that humans can take rest leaving all tasks to the robots. Moreover, robots are able to make the interactions with human beings very smooth as well as continuous. The robots are so precise so as to meet up the demands and needs of humans. The human can not only control the robots but can directly interact or even take the robots as companions.

But, with the development of Artificial Intelligence, the machine learning systems like robots have become really helpful to manage the tasks in an efficient manner. No doubt the technology has brought lots of changes to the modern world especially in the field of robots. However, human-robot interaction is growing tremendously in every area day by day. In future, there may arise a situation where a human can’t live without robots!

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