The Ten Most Expensive Places In The World!

There are many expensive places in the world. And choosing a country to settle abroad or to study, can be a herculean task. A number of parameters should be taken into accounts such as language barriers, foreign taxes, employment opportunities, visa requirements and cost of living. In fact, a rough estimate of the day-to-day expenses can be a real shock for many people.

However, when you have a guide in hand which gives you a bright idea about the most expensive places in the world, then you can prepare accordingly before arriving in a specific country. Here we present the ten most expensive countries the world based on the cost of rent, groceries, and other related living expenses.

So What Are The Most Expensive Places?

10. Qatar

Qatar has been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons in relation to the FIFA World Cup, but there is no denying the fact that it is one of the most advanced and expensive places in the world. It is also one of the most expensive to live in as the cost of living is very very high. The country manages to bring in highly-skilled workers from foreign countries at lucrative salaries but all that is canceled out by the high living costs.


Average expected expenses/month – USD 764 for 1 person w/o rent.


9. Singapore

Singapore is an attractive destination for many tourists, expats, and students. But almost everyone has admitted that living in the city is not an easy task due to the high cost of goods and services. The average cost of a pint of beer is USD 11!


Average expected expenses/month – USD 876 for 1 person w/o rent


8. UAE

This Middle East nation ranks as one of the top 5 tourist destinations in the world by almost every conceivable tourist guide in the world. The country is also famous for being the preferred home of the rich and the famous, but cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi are extremely expensive and can burn a deep hole in your pocket.


Average expected expenses/month – USD 897 for 1 person w/o rent


7. Hong Kong

Known as Asia’s world city, Hong Kong is one of the expensive places in the world today. Furthermore, the city is over-crowded, and space is at a premium here. On top of that, the apartments here are very costly and small.


Average expected expenses/month – USD 907 for 1 person w/o rent


6. Luxembourg

Luxembourg consistently ranks among the wealthiest nations in the world and, not so surprisingly, it also ranks very highly when it comes to cost of living. Moreover, many expats live in this quaint little country and as per their reports, the price of groceries are high. The housing prices are also on the higher side, but one can save money by living outside the city.


Average expected expenses/month – USD 1070 for 1 person w/o rent


5. Bahamas

This Caribbean nation faces the same problem like many other island nations – the high cost of living. That’s because the total imports of this country beat the total exports by quite a distance. And this notoriously pushes up the prices of all goods.


Average expected expenses/month – USD 1165 for 1 person w/o rent

4. Norway

The Scandinavian countries are, with no doubt, very expensive, and Norway is not an exception. In fact, it is one of the most expensive places in Europe. The country owes its riches to the oil reserves, but the cost of everyday items are very steep here. However, tourists are often taken aback by the high cost of even the essential goods in this country. For the record, the rent for a 1-bedroom apartment would be around USD 1200 per month.


Average expected expenses/month – USD 1208 for 1 person w/o rent


3. Iceland

The country is different from the rest of Europe and has minimal fertile ground forcing the country to import the majority of its food items and this, in turn, raises its price. Another problem is that public transportation is very few in this country forcing the people to rely heavily on gas and automobile thereby increasing the daily costs.


Average expected expenses/month – USD 1307 for 1 person w/o rent


2. Switzerland

Switzerland has been consistently ranked as one of the top nations in the world to live in and boasts of a world-class infrastructure, great health-care, and a spotless environment. However, all good things come for a price. Therefore, making Switzerland as one of the most expensive places in Europe to live.


Average expected expenses/month – USD 1528 for 1 person w/o rent


1. Bermuda

Bermuda, the official tax haven of the world, is the most expensive nation on earth. And its capital – Hamilton – is the most expensive city. Moreover, Bermuda thrives on the tourism industry that serves the wealthy travelers of the world. Believe it or not, the cost of living in Bermuda is 200% more than the UK. Clothing and Real Estate is notoriously expensive in this nation and is more costly than US and Canada.


Average expected expenses/month – USD 1621 for 1 person w/o rent


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