App Inventor: This Is Everything You Need To Know About MIT App Inventor


You must be thinking of what this new technology called “App Inventor” is about? As its name “App inventor” implies that it is about inventing something (Application Specifically). Well, let’s have a view of its brief introduction:


MIT App Inventor is a great initiative. Basically, it is a visual blocks programming atmosphere. You can have an idea of these examples of blocks:

app inventor

Its easy interface allows users to construct a functioning app without prior knowledge of any programming languages. It’s easy enough that even the children can use it to build apps. The most considerable feature is that you can use these apps on all smartphones and tablets. Its unique features include blocks terminology that helps to build an App. Its user-friendly interface makes it simple to use while its terminologies make it unique which is a powerful combo. All in all, MIT App Inventor can have a simple first app build and running in less than 30 minutes.

app inventor


Basically, MIT App inventor aims to provide a user interface that is user-friendly for all type and class of people with the help of its blocks strategy. Let’s have a look at its benefits one by one:

  1. It is very less time-consuming, you can develop an App in less than one hour.
  2. It helps in promoting creativity through the blocks and eliminate annoying factors of failure.
  3. The Apps build in this inventor can be easily shared.
  4. It is ideal for teaching perspectives. One can use it to teach the students to start with the very basics.
  5. It has an ability to invoke other apps. This is possible with one of its programming component which is the Activity Starter.
  6. It also provides access to many other functions of a phone like phone calls, SMS texting, sensors for location, sound, video, and much more.
  7. You can also save your data along its web database among other phones.
  8. You can also import the data from different sites. These sites maybe social or online stores, i.e., Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon.

app inventor


To master anything in the world, you must have a keen interest in it and spend some time on it. It’s natural that some things are more difficult to master than others. However, the will to keep moving forward is what makes you an expert in the field. There are many guidelines and tutorials which are available for the ease of new users. You can find such guides and tutorials in both forms, i.e., text form and videos. All you have to do is to follow them step by step for better understanding.

Begin by opening a browser window to App Inventor:

You can easily build apps with App inventor on your android devices by using cloud services. This means that you do not have to download any software on your computer. You just need your google account to log into App Inventor, and you are all set.


MIT App Inventor:

You can find beginner level tutorials and guides on official site of App Inventor. Here, you can learn the basics of programming apps for Android. They have different tutorials on almost everything including Sprites, Drawing Canvas, Multiple Screens, Clock Timer, Game, SMS Texting, Camera, Video, Activity Starter, ListPicker, Accelerometer, File Sharing, Data Storage, External API, Location Sensor, GPS, NFC (Near Field Comm.), WebViewer, LEGO® NXT, LEGO® EV3,etc.

All of these tutorials are quite detailed and easy to understand. With the help of step by step guide, it has never been so easy to master anything. Furthermore, they have forums where you can query anything if you got stuck at some point. There are many experts in the forum community who are there to help you right away. Moreover, they have a teaching section which is specifically for teachers. They provide different resources including guides, outlines, and workshops which makes it easy for teachers to convey the knowledge to the students.

My Pearson Store:

My Pearson Store is another platform that provides guides and tutorials for beginners to master App Inventor. They provide a book that begins with the introduction and covers every aspect of the of developing Android applications with App Inventor. This book is not just for beginners; even experts are using this book for productivity.

Pura Vida Apps:

Pura Vida Apps is another platform that provides extensive guides and tutories to master App Inventor. However, it is quite similar to the official site of MIT App Inventor. However, most importantly, they have categorized everything which makes it even simpler to grasp the knowledge.


Finally, we come to say, there are over 400,000 unique monthly active users of App Inventor. Moreover, these users come from 195 countries who have created almost 22 million apps. MIT app inventor is a game changer in the world. It is creating apps in the best way. Now it is also easy for the kids to learn about computing. It is being used in classrooms all over the world. Furthermore, it has broadened the participation in computer science. Moreover, it gives us the concept of coding like plugging puzzle pieces together. You can learn it within few hours just by playing with it.



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