NASA’s Moon Landing: Are Conspiracy Theorists Right?

It’s been 50 years since man landed on the moon. Now, Moon landing by NASA is being questioned by Conspiracy Theorists. Conspiracy Theorists are claiming that they have proofs against NASA that they faked the moon landing 50 years ago. This news is creating a chaos and making the NASA claim questionable.

Recently in some news, it appears that NASA is under scrutiny over the news of moon landing. Many conspiracy theorists said NASA faked the moon landing. There came many conspiracy theories after the news, some believed what NASA said and some said they faked it.

A picture of NASA mission of Apollo 17 has been shared on the internet and Conspiracy Theorists showed what a YouTuber alleged “a stagehand” appearing in the helmet of an astronaut.

The photo appeared on YouTube earlier this week. The Conspiracy Theorist named Streetcap1 uploaded the video and bring the conspiracy in public. He alleged that NASA faked the moon landing back in 1972. He believes that they pictured everything on stage. Moreover, he thinks that the mission Apollo II was fake.

Did NASA fake moon landing? What do Conspiracy Theorists think?

Streetcap1’s YouTube Video:

Streetcap1 recorded audio in his YouTube video, he said, “I thought it looked a bit strange, so I took a picture of it using my software”.

He also added, “It looks like a human hand shadow on the helmet, who is not wearing a space suit in the photo of Apollo 17 mission picture”. He also talked about the early dispute which emerged in 2009 which highlighted the questions over the legitimacy of these photos.

Streetcap1 also said that he had created the video and uploaded it for his viewers to judge. Now, you can watch and give him feedback about the video. He said, “I always believed in NASA moon landing, but now I am also in doubt.”

There are some things which make it doubtful. The man in waistcoat type outfits makes the pictures bit confusing and presumably fake. These things make NASA mission of moon landing ambiguous and fake in the eye of theory conspirators.

This video made me think, I wonder where is the space suit of the man? We all knew that last moon landing mission had a crew consisting of Eugene A. Cernan, Ronald E. Evans, and Harrison H. Schmitt, the first scientist-astronaut to land on the moon.

This discovery also helped in emerging of more conspiracy theories and make people think once again about NASA moon landing mission. Some people believed in his findings and some said it is just another photoshop venture.

Was Apollo 17 First Mission Regarding Moon Landing?

Indeed Apollo 17 was not the first mission which opened the doors to space, a man stepped on the moon and a new chapter was open to science. But the first manned mission was Apollo 11, in 1969 when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin stepped on the moon for the first time.

However, the whole question of whether or not any mission created it to the moon has long been a fond topic of debate for conspiracy theorists, with photos and pictures from the landing scrutinized over the years by folks determined to seek out proof.

After some years, such conspiracy theories were debunked, from the claim that the rocks collected by astronauts are literally from Antarctica (geologists ensure this can be not the case) to the American flag apparently processing within the “wind” (just versatile atomic number 13 that vibrated once being handled by the astronauts, folks).

Letter C On The Rock

Another conspiracist is talking about C-rock, it says the letter C is written on the rock.  It appears that pictures are not real and some props are used to capture the images.

On this allegation, scientists from NASA claims the allegations are not true but these are just a glitch in photography. While some said it is also a possibility that someone added the glitch of C after the capture of the photograph.

Flapping Flap

One other allegation is the flapping flap of United States. You may know that it is not possible on the moon as there is no air in space. So it also leads towards the conspiracists to conspire against NASA space mission of moon landing.

These conspiracy theories opened a new debate about NASA and moon landing mission.


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  1. Bonzadog says:

    At the time of the first moon landing Russian and the US were in a state of political conflict.
    I think the Russians would have tracked the Lunar Landing and if there was no landing the Russians would have used that in their propaganda. That would have been very hurtful to Americas image.
    So I feel this aspect alone shows that the first moon landing did happen.

    1. SciVenue says:

      I support your opinion. Anyways it is not something impossible to work for. And today India and China are sending missions to explore the universe. So there are many things that proof moon landing is true.