This Year: ‘Your Free Guide To Quit Smoking’

Are you one of those people who smokes a cigarette right now? And while doing so; either you are looking at your cute little daughter playing around near you or your beautiful wife sitting beside you. Even though you are relishing your tobacco treat greatly; but at the same time, a notion of its hazardous consequences pinches your mind. You want to get rid of this disguise but don’t know how to start from. If this is you; you are surely in the right place.

It is an open secret that quitting smoking is easier said than done. It requires a lot of willpower and determination. Tobacco smoking is a behavioral come psychological enslavement which occupies you and tries never to let you free. But the only thing which can set you free is you. This article will offer you a free guide to quit smoking.

Smoking without any exalted exaggeration is regarded as burning one’s live candle at both ends. But even keeping in view all these statistics regarding ramifications of cigarette smoking one finds it very hard to quit it.

Here are ten steps which are a sure shot way to successfully enter into a healthy lifestyle without getting bounced back or relapse.


10 Steps to Quit Smoking


Practically speaking, quitting smoking is a process. It can never happen in a moment. It needs a pre-defined determination and self-inclination which requires a complete thought process. Nobody even your most special ones cannot impede you from this filth. You have to do it on your own. Until the time, you don’t desire to avert smoking; you can never quit.


The FIRST STEP which is the only key to success is to make a decision now.

Think about your children, your parents, your loved ones who are into passive smoking because of you. Decide for your healthy self. That is the foremost and the most crucial step of the whole process.

Preparatory Phase


The SECOND STEP is that once you have decided, jot down all the cons of smoking.

Put it right in front of you either in the form of your I-phone’s display picture or your desktop’s backdrop. It will help you two folds; firstly it helps you to strengthen your made decision and secondly it will help you to stick to it later on as well.


The THIRD STEP is to print down a timeline of benefits you will avail when you quit smoking tobacco. This sheet of paper should be pinned down all around; especially at the places where you are habitual of smoking. So that it can keep you motivated and encouraged to path your way to quitting.


The FOURTH STEP is to think of all the times when you are indulged in smoking or you crave for it. Then devise a strategy to cope up with your cravings. If you had a plan at hand before that situation it would keep you stick to your decision easily. This is also one of the preparatory steps which will help you later on.


The FIFTH STEP is to try avoiding people who smoke.

If you see someone smoking around you, it will provoke and enhances your craving for smoking. At your workplace, try to spend free time with people who are non-smokers. Similarly, try to hang out with your non-smoker friends for earlier months at least. The less you are surrounded by people who indulge you in smoking less likely it is for you to relapse.

Self Rehabilitation


The SIXTH STEP is to get your body moving. Go for runs, jogs or dancing.

Choose a physical activity which you long for. Get along a friend. Starting a healthy lifestyle will help you cope up with your cravings. It will prepare your body to go nicotine free. It nourishes your brain to produce anti-craving chemicals when you stop smoking later on.


The SEVENTH STEP is to change your dietary habits. Start incorporating drinks and foods in your meal which will help you quit smoking.

When you intake meat and other forms of protein intensive diets, it will enhance your craving for cigarettes. And even such food makes it taste better when you have had it after food. Similarly, drinks like cola, coffee, tea and other sugary fizzy drinks make you crave for it even more. Try to eat as many as green leafy vegetables, whole grains especially oats, a lot of lentils, fresh juices and water. It will help you get through your struggle. And another very important tip to never skip meals nor do have high sugar desserts. This will help your blood sugar level in proper balance which will help you avoid smoking.


The EIGHTH STEP is to decide a quitting day.

Once you have decided then mark a date on your calendar. Think of a date in a week or two and mentally prepare yourself for it. When the day comes, it will be your quit day your first quit day. Don’t expect high and try to keep it low. Try to fight it hour by hour. It will be a little difficult but try revisits your lists and re-affirm yourself of your decision.

Quitting Phase


The NINTH STEP is to quit. This step seems to be the gravest of all but believe it is the easiest one. As in the previous eight steps, you had already prepped your body and mind to cope with it. Keep a healthy snack on hand to keep your fingers and mouth busy. Drink more water. And keep yourself busy. Keep reading this quote from LONI ANDERSON on and off “You are always better off if you quit smoking; it’s never too late”.


The TENTH and FINAL STEP is to treat yourself with any available therapies like motivational, behavioral and acupuncture, etc. Even though you are strong enough to cope up with your cravings right now; but still a little more help will make you go a long way. The positive effects will start right after 20 minutes you quit.




Take a deep breath you are luckily one of those persons whose risk of dying from cancer is half that of smokers. And the risk of stroke is almost like to be that of the person who never smoked.


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